Digital Horizon provides expert software consulting services. Whether you are looking to buy or build a software program for your business, our professional software expert advisory services will include an array of scenario-targeted services which all drive our value points of sales, profit, productivity, loyalty and morale.

Digital Horizon have outstanding experience in custom database development, distributed application design as well as various custom software components and web-project programming. We believe that our high quality service provides a sound basis for a successful customer relationship.

 We offer a wide range of custom web and software programming services in a variety of application areas.

*  Custom e-Commerce Solutions (B2B and B2C)
* Database Business Applications
* Distributed (client-server) applications
* Websites and web-tools


Programming Languages

  • VC++ / C #
  • Visual Basic / VBA / VB.NET
  • XML
  • ...

Technologies & Protocols

  • Win API
  • Win Sockets
  • ActiveX
  • OOP / OOD
  • COM / DCOM
  • OLE
  • .NET Framework
  • Siemens S7 Communication
  • ...

DB Management Systems

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL 2000/2005
  • Access, mySQL, Interbase
  • ...