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The Digital Horizon CMMS is a true Internet application (Web Based CMMS) containing every feature you need for your complete computerized maintenance management needs to track and control maintenance for any equipment and all vehicles.


clipboard-list Features:

bullet_blue_expand Asset & Equipment Module

The system provides for detailed asset information and tracking. With vendor, manufacturer, pricing details and warranty information your assets information can be as detailed as required to make informed decisions when repairing or replacing. An unlimited asset hierarchy can be established using a “parent child” relationship and the location hierarchy establishes physical location for each asset.

Asset histories are maintained for all repairs, replacements, movements, orders, attached files...

bullet_blue_expandAdministration Module

Administration module allows the system administrators to manage the system through an easy to use GUI web interface where all security and programming configuration may be done.
The system administration module allows you to:

  • Define labor groups and assign group
  • Full User name and password security
  • Set system defaults
  • Define menu structures

bullet_blue_expandPreventive Maintenance

  • Create any Maintenance Schedule
  • Use Built-in message and email to alert to owners

bullet_blue_expandWork Order Module

The Work Management or Work Order module allows users to manage all aspects of daily maintenance and operations. Work Orders are generated through the request module, preventive maintenance schedules or as required by the user.

light-on Easy integrated SMS Notifycation (using Digital Horizon SMS Gateway) to create a new alert channel (beside email, internal messages).