What is SMPP?

The Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) protocol is an open industry standard messaging protocol designed to simplify integration of data applications with wireless mobile networks such as GSM, TDMA, CDMA and PDC. The protocol is widely deployed in the mobile telecommunications industry.
If you plan to send or receive a larger number of SMS messages, it is worth to consider using the Internet. Over the Internet (or over a private IP network, such as a leased line), it is possible to connect directly to the GSM operator's SMS Center (SMSC). Supports multi protocols (SMPP ,UCP , CIMD2 )
Which telcos and SMS Service Provider provide SMPP connectivity support?

SMPP protocol from Logica is becoming a world standard for high speed SMS relay interface. Half of the world's GSM mobile telcommunication companies is using either Logica, Comverse and Alcatel/ADC SMSCs are technically capable of providing SMPP connectivity.

Many TCP/IP SMS service providers that do not use Logica equipment also provide SMPP interface using commercially available or custom-made interfaces. Such providers include clickatell.com, and smsdriver.com.

Here is a list of mobile companies that provide SMPP connectivity:

Australia Telstra Logica

Australia Optus Logica

Bangladesh GrameenPhone Comverse

Brunei Darussalam DataStream Technology Logica

China Shanghi Unicom Comverse

China Wuhan Mobile Comverse

China Liaoning Mobile (LMCC) Comverse

China Guangdong Mobile (GMCC) Comverse

China HPTA Hebei Logica

China Heilongjiang Comverse

China Shanghai PTT GSM Comverse

China Sichuan Comverse


China Unicom ADC

China/ Beijing Beijing Unicom Logica

China/ Guangdong Guangzhou PTA Logica

China/ Guangxi Guangxi\ Unicom Logica

Hong Kong Smartone Sema, Logica

Hong Kong People's Telecom Logica

Hong Kong Hongkong Telecom One+One Logica

Hong Kong Mandarin Communications (Sunday) Logica

Hong Kong Hong Kong Telecom CSL Logica

Hong Kong Hutchison Telecom Logica

Indonesia Excelcom, (GSM-XL) Logica

Indonesia Komselindo Logica

Indonesia PT Satelindo Logica

Indonesia Telkomsal Logica


Japan DTQ Logica

Japan TDP Logica

Japan KDP Logica

Japan CDP Logica

Japan TuKa Logica

Macau CTM Logica

Malaysia Celcom Logica to CMG

Malaysia Mutiara CMG

Malaysia Mobikom Comverse

Malaysia TMTouch Logica

Malaysia TransAsia Telecomms Logica

Nepal NTC Logica

New Zealand Vodafone Logica

Philippines Infocom ADC

Philippines Islacom Logica

Philippines Globe Telecom CMG

Singapore Singapore Telecom Mobile Logica

South Korea Shinsegi Telecom ADC

South Korea Korea Telecom Freetel ADC

South Korea Hansol PCS ADC

South Korea SKTelecom Logica

South Korea LGT Logica

South Korea Korea Mobile Telecom Logica

South Korea Korea Telecom Freetel Logica

South Korea KTRC Logica

Taiwan TUNTEX Logica

Taiwan TransAsia Logica

Taiwan Taiwan Cellular Corporation (formerly Suretone) Logica

Taiwan Mobitai Logica

Taiwan KG Telecom Logica

Taiwan ChungHwa Telecom (LDTA) Logica

Taiwan FarEasTone Telecommunications Logica

Thailand Advanced Info Service Logica

Thailand IEC/ Wireless Communication Service Logica

Thailand Total Access Communications Logica

Vietnam VNPT Logica

Vietnam MobiFone Comverse