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Computerized Maintenance Management System

The Digital Horizon CMMS is deployed on the web platform, Users only need a computer with internet connection and a web browser (for example, Firefox is available on Windows) use the program.

The application objective of the system:

  • Equipment management includes information management of equipment, structure of disintegrating equipment, a list of accessories associated with each cluster, a list of periodic maintenance and corresponding tasks. , specifications, specifications, general photos…
  • Manage the change of device installation location throughout the life of the device.
  • Track user requests.
  • Track machine usage time and monitor device status.
  • Overall planning based on maintenance schedule or user requirements and equipment condition.
  • Make an unscheduled maintenance slip due to unplanned damage.
  • Manage the complete maintenance information sheet and calculate real maintenance costs.
  • Support automatic reminder function via email or internal message when it is due for maintenance, inspection - safety, inspection - measuring equipment
  • Support to provide reports on equipment: Equipment background, equipment under warranty, out of warranty; equipment is fully depreciated or depreciated; maintenance sheets for each type of equipment...