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Digital Horizon Company (DIHO) proposes KV2 to deploy the management software of Online Laboratory LMS (Laboratory Management System), which is the management software serving the establishment and monitoring of the entire sample testing process. and functions related to this process such as maintenance, calibration, testing of chemical equipment, and orders, providing a centralized technology solution, ensuring close connection between the Company ( Company office) with Nha Be Warehouse / customer, helping the management of sample test information centrally, accurately, quickly, the interaction between customers, businesses and professional staff is seamless, throughout.

LMS software will be built by DIHO according to the data centralization model, operating on the Internet environment, and supporting the creation and management of orders remotely via computers or handheld devices. The software automatically updates order execution, testing, sample storage to help customers, professional staff and managers track and process orders and samples at any anytime, anywhere.

The software has the function of managing sample testing according to a closed and continuous process, from the time the customer registers the sample trial order until the order is approved Tested the results, automatically certified the results Sample test and notify customers via email / SMS.

All access to LMS via Web protocol, regardless of the operating system, takes advantage of the advantages of the WEB platform. LMS supports popular browsers on the market today (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer ...), does not depend on the operating system, easy to monitor, operate via tablet devices, Smartphone anytime, anywhere.

LMS is capable of controlling all the operations of the end users in creating, deleting, and modifying data; appropriate decentralization, decentralization of the right people for the right jobs; Closing the data for each order, samples including tracing operations, ensuring security, security, access control and data manipulation.

LMS is capable of providing order status to all participants: customers, Sales Department, Chemistry Lab, department and company leaders.

The system includes the following modules:
  • Tracking Requirements
  • Employee Manager
  • Customer Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Management Of Chemical Equipment
  • Sample Analysis Management
  • Document Management
  • Manage System Configuration
  • Report Management